“I love to bring a creative side to my photography”

Meet Anna

If you love creative, relaxed and fun photography, then I’m your girl.

Based in beautiful Dorset in a raucous house full of boys, I’ve spent the last 8 years building a photography business that allows me to do what I love: natural, stunning photography for people who love life.

I’m especially lucky to shoot so many weddings. I LOVE a good wedding. And it seems they love me: I booked dozens of weddings last year and have adored working at every single one. The energy, the joy, the tears…I find them incredibly inspiring and love how no two are the same.

Photography fits me well. I like the freedom it affords me as a mum of two and how it allows me to meet new people every week. It’s like the most sociable job in the world with tons of artistry thrown in. As a career, I find it kind of perfect.

My style is a little bit docu-style, a little but romantic and always, always super creative.

Do have a browse through my work, the best place to start is my blog.


This little video was made by Ross Chapman at Sky so clear!