Hampshire Wedding The Old Vicarage Charlotte & Joe

Charlotte and Joe’s wedding at The Old Vicarage Wedding venue in Hampshire was a dream come true. Nestled between Bournemouth and the New Forest, the location provided a serene and picturesque backdrop for their special day. The convenience of close transport lines to London made it easily accessible for their guests.

As the day unfolded, Charlotte and her bridesmaids set up the venue, adorning it with beautiful flowers and photos. The ambiance was filled with anticipation and excitement as everything fell into place seamlessly.

The outdoor ceremony took place on a glorious summer day. Charlotte effortlessly slipped into her wedding dress, radiating beauty and elegance. It was a moment that showcased her readiness to embark on this new chapter of her life.

Tears of happiness and heartfelt laughter filled the air as the couple exchanged their vows. The love and joy between Charlotte and Joe were palpable, and their heartfelt promises resonated with everyone present. It was a ceremony filled with emotions, creating a deep connection between the couple and their loved ones.

As the day transitioned into the evening, the celebration continued with speeches and festivities. The marquee is nestled within the venue’s gardens and woodlands. Guests reveled in the joyous atmosphere, toasting to the happiness of the newlyweds.

After dinner a stunning fireworks display from Fireworks Solutions lit up the night sky. The bursts of colour and big bangs added a little magic and much excitement.

The stunning landscapes and charming corners of the venue provided the perfect backdrop for capturing their photos. It was a photographer’s delight!

From the serene outdoor ceremony to the breathtaking fireworks display, their day was filled with love and laughter. The venue’s charm and elegance made it a favourite choice among couples in the South West of England.

If you’re planning your wedding at The Old Vicarage, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your plans. You can contact me here.

Charlotte and Joe’s wedding at The Old Vicarage was a true testament to their love and shared values. Their day was filled with laughter, relaxation, and genuine happiness. If you are getting married at The Old Vicarage & are looking for a photographer, get in touch because I would love to go back.