All about you and your story! Portrait shoots don’t necessarily mean using the studio. Let's take a walk along the beach, go conker hunting in the woods or time spent at a spot that’s meaningful to you. Our “studio” can be a country field, shingle beach, coffee shop or your own home. It’s all about where you feel comfortable with your clan.

When it comes to wardrobe, it’s best to wear what feels comfortable. Props can be fun: a kite that you fly together, a picnic blanket you use every summer and don't forget your family pooch! All these can make for brilliant photos, whatever brings you joy. The key thing is to use things that mean something to you. I find that the very best images are often not the ones where you’re smiling at the camera. My favourite photos tend to be the ones where you’re letting go... cutting loose and forgetting about the camera entirely.

I shoot outdoors and love natural light, early morning or late afternoon/evening are my favourites. Generally, if we can shoot in the golden hour (this is that pretty light just before sunset!) this makes my heart sing just a little too.


I’m not just about weddings (even though I love them). Let's celebrate your family!

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family sat in sand dunes on beach laughing


If you’re after some super special family portraits, let's go walkabout and shoot some awesome outdoor adventures, whether that's the local park, woodland or beach. I'm a mother too so I’ve got a pretty good eye for what works when it comes to getting the best out of them for portraits.

“We HATE being in front of the camera, we always look dreadful in photos. But Anna was warm and reassuring and made us feel wonderful. The results speak for themselves.”

I know that it isn’t every day that you’re getting your photo taken, so I’ve put together a handy guide to help you enjoy the experience. Have a read...

If you have any questions, drop me an email on and tell me about you and your family.


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