“I want to show all the love and care that has gone into your day”


Congrats on the engagement! Finding someone you want to spend more than ten minutes with is an achievement so finding someone you want to spend eternity with is nothing short of magical, so well done.


When it comes to your wedding, I plump for an unobtrusive, natural, romantic style of photography which both my clients and their guests love. I’m passionate about what I do and work meticulously to capture every detail of your day to create a gallery of images that you’ll love forever.

My favourite thing to focus on, though, is the people. I LOVE the details of a good wedding, but the heart of any wedding is the guests and the fun they have. The energy of a wedding day is unique: the nerves, the joy, the giddiness…that doesn’t come from a perfectly colour-matched napkin or calligraphy flourishes, it comes from the people in attendance.

And because the people are so important, my natural friendliness and bright outlook come in very handy. Lots and lots of people don’t like having their photo taken (trust me, I’m one of them!) but I pride myself on coaxing even the shyest of couples into loving the experience. A shoot with me is a relaxing, fun experience – just check out my testimonials!




Full days coverage: £1599

Part-day coverage starts at £699

Please contact me with your wedding date, venue and as much detail as you can about your day. I book up quickly so don’t hang around, call me as soon as you can.