Beautiful Guildhall & Hotel Du Vin Poole Wedding 2017

Lisa & Michael’s glorious wedding at The Guildhall then onto more merriment at Hotel Du Vin, Poole started off my 2017 spring wedding season with a bang!

I started the photography coverage with the bride and the bridal party at Lisa’s parents home. The whole day was filled with love and laughter and some beautiful blossom. Lisa & Michael were surrounded by family and closest friends and of course their simply adorable son Freddie who stole the show!

They decorated the venue in a simple but very elegant way. The flower centerpieces added a pretty pop of colour and I loved their wedding advise cards. The wedding speeches time is always my favourite part of the wedding to photograph. I have am lucky to hear so many stories about my couples from their family and friends perspective. As you can see Lisa and Michael’s speeches were no different, very funny and a little emotional too.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from their lovely day –

If you’d like to speak to me about capturing your wedding at The Guildhall Poole or Hotel Du Vin, feel free to contact me here.

bride and groom portraits

natural photos of bride getting ready bride getting ready details Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-3 wedding dress Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-14 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-23 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-25 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-27 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-29 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-30 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-31 Dorset wedding photographer Guildhall wedding 2017

Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-36 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-38 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-40 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-41 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-43 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-46 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-48 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-49 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-50 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-51 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-52 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-56
Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-57 wedding kiss Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-62 confetti photo Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-65 Bridesmaids relaxed photo groomsmen portrait Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-70

anna morgan photography luxury wedding photographer dorset uk Dorset wedding photographer Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-78 bride and groom portraits Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-80 wedding guests candid photos Hotel Du Vin Poole wedding Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-85 Hotel Du Vin Poole wedding reception decor

Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-91 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-92 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-94 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-95 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-98 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-99 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-105 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-107 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-109 natural wedding photography Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-115 Lisa-&-Michael-Wedding-Guildhall-&-Hotel-Du-Vin-120 guests candid photos speeches photos


Guildhall & Hotel Du Vin Poole, Dorset


Poole, Dorset

Hair & Make-up:

Lisa Bennett


Fancy Buns Cakery




New Street Flowers

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